The Balmb: Cannabis Body Care

Christi Powell is the creator of The Balmb Salve: Cannabis Body Care. She is a Respiratory Care Practitioner who found in cannabis the healing she was looking for her pain and anxiety issues. In this interview, she shares the story of her healing journey with cannabis, from her own health issues to her daughter´s recovery. This year, The Balmb Salve was awarded with the Dope Cup Oregon´s Runner Up for best topical in the recreational category. Learn more about Christi and The Balm Salve at… Visit our website at Shop our products at 0:06 My name is Christi and I am the creator of The Balmb Salve. I started making salve a couple of years ago and after having some pain issues myself and went to a dispensary and I was searching for pain relief without having to use the doctor’s prescription pad. 0:28 I was looking for flower and a gentleman said this salve is what would help you. So I went back after the jar was empty and I looked for more and I couldn’t find him and I knew I had to have this product so i started researching it and I started making my own. 0:47 One of the issues for me was that in doing my profession in the medical field of respiratory practitioning and hospitals was you can’t take narcotics and be in that field. 1:02 The thought of putting myself out there in saying this is the best thing that I have found that works for me for homeostasis and wellness and I’m feeling better and I wanted to shout it from the rooftop and then there was the door that you had to go through to get to the rooftop. 1:21 My daughter is in recovery and has stayed sober and clean for 12 years and I’m very proud of her. She has health issues with back pain and has, all along my process, not wanted to mess with THC. I’m watching my child suffer, now my child needs me and here is CBD. 1:41 Here’s a CBD line that recovery can have. So for me to be able to give that gift to her is really an honor. To have the healing going on in our family that’s going on and to have the honor of 1:56 Becoming runner-up in Oregon for the Dope Cup brought so much more healing. It’s really beautiful to be able to enter the cannabis community and to learn and to have people that will reach out and show me the way so that I can show others is one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve had in my life and so I just would like to close and say thank you to all the activists that made it possible that i could have medicine when I needed it.