CBD Lavender Massage Oil


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Bring balance to your health with Dope Cup Award Winning CBD The Balmb Salve Available in CBD only. Wholesale pricing available! Available in all 50 states.

The Balmb Body Care is proud to present the addition of our indulgent CBD-medicated massage oils!

This exciting new product is formulated with a unique blend of jojoba, arnica, and sweet almond oils. With these lavish oils, as well as our proprietary blend of anti-inflammatory, nutritious, and pain-relieving essential oils and premium full spectrum CBD, this remarkable massage oil is sure to delight and intoxicate your skin.

Featured with our lovely lavender oil, The Balmb Massage Oil makes an excellent gifts for the hard-worker whose always on their feet. Relaxing and invigorating, this is the perfect end-of-day relaxation tool to soothe your aching joints and muscles, improve your skin health, create a protective barrier to store moisture, improve circulation, and alleviate anxiety and stress.

CBD topicals work differently than other cannabis products. Because they’re applied and absorbed by the top layer of skin, rather than transdermally, it affects the local area in which it is applied only. It cannot pass through the skin into the bloodstream unless applied internally, so it isn’t psycho-active. Especially since CBD is not psychoactive like it’s cousin THC. This is because THC affects cannabidiol receptors in the brain directly, rather than indirectly, like CBD.

Topicals may help with more than just general aches and pains. Recent evidence suggests that topicals may also treat eczema, scarring, dark circles under eyes, and psoriasis. It can also aid in the reduction of neuropathy. Researchers continue to discover new and amazing uses for CBD and other hemp compounds. Current evidence is very positive and promises to offer continued solutions going forward.