About The Balmb Body Care Team

The Balmb Body Care was founded by respiratory therapist Christine Powell, after she had worked with patients and family members to manage their chronic pain. She sought out numerous natural remedies before realizing that CBD was the missing link. Over time, Christi used her medical expertise to round out what we believe to be the perfect recipe. Using only all-natural products and full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD oil sourced locally, The Balmb Salve was developed. Its popularity was immediate: it won awards, was featured in Forbes magazine, and made an appearance at the 70th Annual Emmy Awards.

It has since evolved into a larger line, including massage oils, lotions, and convenient roll-ons, as well as new expanded products to come.

CBD is currently under a great deal of study; scientists and medical professionals have come to realize the significance of cannabis as a viable treatment for a wide array of symptoms and ailments. At this point, it is well-proved that CBD has a measurable anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, anti-viral, and anti-oxidant effect in the human body. Scientists at the NIH have also found that CBD may also aid in the balance of the endocrine system and blood sugar, cholesterol, and aid in the treatment of auto-immune disorders. CBD has been used to treat ailments ranging from arthritis to general muscle aches to diabetic neuropathy and so much more. The applications are almost endless.

The Balmb Body Care aims to remain at the forefront of this research and development, in order to bring our patients and customers the best range of products available as this research continues to evolve.